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Service update liveHarmony to discontinue service as of August 1, 2011. See home page for details.

Installing or enabling JavaScript

In order to use the liveHarmony chat service, you must first download a JavaScript-capable browsers.

Downloading a JavaScript-capable browser

Most browsers released in the past five years have JavaScript support, so for most users this will not be a problem. Check the copyright or release date on your browser; usually, you can do this by clicking the Help option and choosing About. If your browser is more than five years old, please upgrade to a newer version, or download another popular browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, or Opera.

Enabling JavaScript

Next, JavaScript must be enabled. Each browser has its own way of enabling JavaScript:

  • Internet Explorer: See Microsoft's article on enabling JavaScript. (Ignore the information, including the sections "Remove and Reinstall the Lobby.exe File" and "Remove and Reinstall the Zone")
  • Mozilla/Netscape: Open the "Edit" menu and choose "Preferences". Choose "Advanced" and then select "Scripts and Plugins". Check "Navigator" under "Enable JavaScript for".
  • Other browsers: Please see Central Queensland University's page on enabling JavaScript.

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