Disadvantages of Downsizing a Home in Retirement

Disadvantages of Downsizing a Home in Retirement

Are you toying with the thought of downsizing your home? I bet you answered yes. Otherwise, you would not be in this page. If that’s the case, then I would advise you to think through the idea of downsizing thoroughly before making a move. While downsizing have its own benefits, the idea also comes with a number of disadvantages. You should weigh between the benefits and downsides and see which side has more weight. We are not going to talk about the benefits of downsizing your home in retirement in this post. Instead, we have focused on the disadvantages of downsizing. If you are retired, and you want to downsize, you should read through the following disadvantages first and see whether you still want to go ahead and execute the idea.

  1. Selling a home comes with costs

One of the biggest motivator of seniors to downsize is the idea that it is going to save them a lot of money. While that could be true to some extent, it is not always the case. It is important to remember that selling a home is also associated with costs. There are several costs involved in selling a house. For instance, you will have to incur the cost of moving, and you will also have to incur the real estate commissions costs. What’s more, there are also closing fees. All these costs definitely eat into the proceeds and profits from your sale. Worse still, there are also some monthly condo fees you should consider if you are planning to sell your home and move into a condo.

  1. Change is not easy

Naturally, change is one of the things seniors find to accept and adapt to. You will have to bear the sadness of leaving a place you have always called home when you downsize because there are obviously a lot attached to your primary home and place of residence. Imagine leaving the house you have lived in for a long period of time. It can actually be very emotional because there are a lot of memories that are bound up in your home. You are also going to miss your neighbors and other projects you had in your home. Worse still, you might not like the new place and the new neighbors.

  1. Downsizing possessions is not easy

Like most people, you have perhaps accumulated a lot of things during the course of your entire life, and not enrolled in Medicare Supplement plans 2020 so get info here https://www.2020medicaresupplementplans.com and be they are all in your home. By downsizing your home, you will have no option but to declutter and get rid of so many things, including the ones that sentimental values. And if your current furniture is too big for your new smaller home, you will have to do away with them and buy new ones.

Everything You Need To Know About Bond Investing

Bonds are issued by government agencies or corporates with the aim of raising money by selling them to the buyers. The buyers on the other hand, earn interests on the bonds every year and at a maturity date, their entire principal amount is returned. There are individual bonds and mutual funds of bonds available as an option to the investor.  Once the bond is purchased, the buyer receives a bond certificate which contains the interest which will be paid to the buyer, the maturity date and amount of the bond. The certificate will be in an electronic form. Note that, if the bond is traded to an investor A, it can be sold and resold among investors from A, any number of times.  Such transactions are called secondary market transactions.

It is important to analyze the value of the bond and the interest gained. Suppose a bond is purchased at an issue price of $1000 with a maturity period of 10 years at 5% interest per year. At the end of each year, the investor will earn $50 and the total amount at maturity would equal to $1500.  In a case, the investor decides to sell the bond before it strikes maturity, the amount gained or lost would be dictated by the market price then. It can be sold at a premium if the market value is higher than at the time of purchase, or at a discount if the market value is lower than the initial value.

How to buy a bond?

Bonds are primarily purchased through brokerage firms which have links to the government and companies who want to issue bonds. Apart from setting up the bond plan, they can also set up secondary market transactions for the bond.

The main factors to consider while purchasing the bond is:

  • Time period of investing
  • Interest earned annually
  • Market value predictions throughout the invested period
  • Access to secondary market

Before purchasing the bond, it is essential to check the bond rating. The rating value tells the ability of the issuer to pay the interests and complete the principal amount transaction right on the specified times.  After all the evaluation and research is done, the investor might decide to buy the bond. The order for the same can be placed through a brokerage firm. But in many cases, transactions for bonds happen in the secondary market so the investor would directly be communicating with another seller. The bottom line is although, bonds do not provide returns with high magnitude, it is a good choice if you are looking for a long term and stable investment.  Medicare Supplement insurance is a good investment.  Find out more here http://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.org

Supplemental Medicare Insurance Coverage Through Aetna Medicare

You can obtain a greater level of comprehensive health insurance coverage which can include an optional prescription plan requiring a separate subscription. The excellent rates on the programs which are available for subscribers in the Aetna Medicare supplementary plans 2018 will provide you with clearly the most outstanding health protection in the market at very low costs. In standard Medicare plans there is 20% co-pay over and above the 80% paid by the plan, and with the very expensive cost of treatment and hospitals, the co-pay could amount to a large sum of money. Therefore, it is wise for those wanting additional protection to consider the Aetna Medicare plans to supplement standard Medicare coverage.

The company will routinely allow you to see a specialist without a referral and still have coverage through Aetna medical, in addition to approving your primary physician if they are not already participating in the plan. However, the medical network is so complete as far as membership; it is highly probable your doctor and health clinic have already subscribed to this excellent supplemental plan. You should find access to the Aetna plan in every state in the U.S. if you are a retiree who travels widely. There is coast to coast coverage in the network.

There are no further costs for all the needed time you require when using a hospital or clinic outside of the Aetna network when it is required for premium plan members. In addition, Aetna protection never runs out, therefore you will not fret over the possibility of being made to leave a medical facility prior to being ready. You must remember in considering Aetna Medicare supplements, as long as you are using a participating medical center, you will never run out of coverage.  The Aetna Medicare supplement plans allow the adding of partial dental protection, in addition to paying small fees for health promotional and fitness activities. To the extent which your participating Aetna plan provides, you may obtain hearing aid devices and eyeglasses partially paid for by Aetna. You will enjoy the inclusion of these hearing and vision plans without further membership cost.

There is a co-pay requirement for those who join as Open plan subscribers. Those who continue to use their primary family doctor who accepts Medicare and agrees to the schedules and requirements of the plan may do so, but as an Open plan member, you will not be given access to the network of approved medical facilities and physicians. Current members of the Aetna Medicare plan will be able to benefit from large bulk reductions in the cost of medicines through participating in the Aetna Rx Medicare program even though you are currently well, you cannot predict when you may develop a condition which requires several expensive prescriptions. This Rx plan may afford you significant savings over nonmembers. Outside insurance companies handle the prescriptions for all Medicare plans. Prescription coverage is not included in the government organization which handles Medicare. Therefore, one of the best options for the program is the Rx Medicare supplement which allows members who are insured to partake of the fine prescription protection.

Buying Mutual of Omaha Medicare is hassle free

With an electronic application and phone, submitting Mutual of Omaha Medicare application is easier than ever before. You can submit for processing and get the policies in four business days that the entire application process appears to be hassle free and quick.

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for Mutual of Omaha Medicare means you have Parts A and B Medicare or you are becoming Medicare eligible means you buy insurance plan as Medicare supplements that is also referred as Medigap plans.  They are independent health insurance types and encompass Medicare Advantage Plans, Tricare or Veterans Administration benefits or employer/union group coverage. Anyone having Parts A and B Medicare or wishes to buy one can consider buying a Medigap plan to become Medicare eligible.

Initiate it with buying Medigap plans that is offered by all insurance providers. If you like to work with a provider of Medicare insurance, such as Mutual of Omaha, as you have used them earlier and you believe they are easily accessible and affordable, you can proceed with your idea. On the other hand, the supplement plans of Mutual of Omaha Medicare also look same as the Humana Medicare supplement. There is identical A through N plans and the coverage offered is absolutely the same in each plan.

You can get quotes from other companies and compare, so that you will have a clear idea of that is required. There is no doubt that Mutual of Omaha Medicare plans have been in business of insurance and are in the A rating. The underwriting and processing is done with the Mutual of Omaha assistance and so the customer service is the best. Adding to this, the prices are unusually low in some places, so it is best to check the prices at your place.

Mutual of Omaha Benefits

Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 helps paying the health care costs that is not covered by the Original Medicare Plan. In case, you already have Medicare Supplement and are yet in Traditional Medicare, then the existing Medicare and the additional policy will work in tandem paying their shares of health care costs to get it covered. Your Medigap policy will not cover the costs of health care for your spouse, thus, there is a need for both to take individual policies. It is a matter of preference from whom you buy Humana, Blue Cross or Mutual of Omaha Medicare. But, remember there are factors to consider before buying, the county you reside, rate renewal history, preexisting conditions, these fix the rates.

Medical Advantage Plans vs. Original Medicare

If you are nearing the age of 65 years or is already 65 you must be aware of Original Medicare, the health benefits that you get from Government. Do you know about Medicare Advantage plans?  Started in the year 1995 the medical advantage plans were created by the Federal government so that they can give people more options in relation to health care benefits. These plans are sold by private health insurance companies while federal government regulates it.

How Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans are same?

All Medicare plans must provide the benefits that are include in the Part A and part B of Original Medicare. Which means if original Medicare provides a certain level of hospitalization expenses that will be provide by advantage plans too.  When there are similarities between the two there are many advantages of the Advantage Plans over original Medicare plans. That is why there is demand for MA plans.

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

While Original Medicare will cover the medical as well as the hospital costs only a good MA plan will cover vision, dental, hearing and even prescription drugs too apart from providing the medical and hospitalization costs. Regarding the cost that is provided by the plans, there is no cap on the amount that you pay out of pocket. However, in case of MA plans there is a maximum amount for out of pocket costs. After you hit the maximum dollar amount for any particular year, the plan that covers you will pay 100%of the cost for the services that are covered.

You will not get any coverage under Original Medicare if you are travelling outside your country, not even in case of emergency. On the other hand if your plan permits then you will get coverage even while travelling outside the country for a maximum limit. then in case of original Medicare there is concept of co-insurance. That is you have to pay a percentage of the total medical cost, say 20%. In case of Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 there is concept of copay. This means you have to pay a fixed amount irrespective of the total costs. In case your copay is $15 then you have to pay that only irrespective of the fact that Doctors fees is $40 or $100. In case of original Medicare you have to bear percentage and that will vary when the costs are high.

All You Need to Know About Medigap

Is your health insured?? This is the principal question that emerges when a man gets to the age of 65. The following question is obviously; what kind of insurance plan would you say you are having? If your plan does not meet all your restorative costs, at that point there is no benefit. Numerous might believe that having it is enough. This isn’t right. Medicare inclusions don’t cover all your health costs. They are restricted. One should purchase the Medicare supplement to fill the holes.

Medicare supplement drives presentation

Numerous individuals consider the Medicare supplement leads as a weight. They imagine that when they have Medicare plan to pay their costs, purchasing a supplement lead is futile. These individuals know next to no about the Medicare supplement insurance arrangements. These are not very evaluated. They can be effectively purchased by any individual. It has their constraints and derivations. These supplement can be utilized where the Medicare plan neglects to pay the therapeutic costs.

The Medical plan can be partitioned in four different categories. There are four different varieties of Medicare plan. Type A plan pays for the bills when an individual remains overnight in a hospital. Type B plan program pays for the standard specialist expenses and tests recommended by the specialist. There is a type C plan which is discretionary. Type D Medicare plan program deals with your recommended doctor’s visit expenses. Every one of these varieties are restricted. Along these lines, every single medicinal cost of a man can not be secured by the Medicare plan. To cover the extra costs, one needs to get it.

Thinking about the Medicare supplement leads

The vast majority of us won’t not have much information about the leads. They feel it is a weight when there costs are as of now getting secured by the Medicare insurance program. For this, they have to find out about the different Medicare approaches accessible. Florida Blue Medicare helps cover medical expenses that traditional coverage will not sometimes. Presently the inquiry emerges how and from where would someone be able to think about the Medicare supplement leads? It is a smart thought to contact a man who has been profited by such leads. He is the correct individual to tell how much accommodating a supplement lead can be. Data on the different supplement leads is additionally accessible in the web. One can likewise become acquainted with about an assortment of such plans there.

In the wake of getting an exhaustive information on the different leads, one can undoubtedly purchase the program which is most advantageous for him. One ought to deliberately pick his program which covers all the medicinal costs that can not be secured by the Medicare insurance programs.

Presently, you can gift your maturing guardians and great guardians a completely secured insurance program. May there be no disappointments in their life because of the expanding therapeutic costs. Each individual needs exceptional therapeutic care as they achieve a develop age. Hence, purchase the Medicare supplement lead for your matured relatives and influence their life to tranquil.

Introduction to Medicare Part C

Despite the fact that you may be enrolled in Medicare Part C, or aiming to enroll, the various types of coverage may appear somewhat confusing. For instance, did you know that Medicare Part C (likewise called Medicare advantage plans) won’t be a separate rider like Medicare Part D? While these dissimilarities won’t not appear to be imperative, picking the off base plan could without much of a stretch mean loads of cash in wellbeing related bills, notwithstanding dissents of administration that could cost your life.

The Medicare Advantage Plan likewise consider more adaptability than standard Medicare does. Medicare Advantage incorporates professionally prescribed medication coverage (not in the slightest degree times), and recipients could settle on Advantage plans which incorporate dental and vision care and additionally well being club or rec center enrollments. Medicare Advantage puts a huge emphasis on preventive care. These benefits accompany the condition which you should remain in-arrange for your care, however numerous recipients discover this exchange off more than sensible. As a rule, the individuals who pick to take an interest in Medicare Advantage normally do as such basically in light of the fact that they view the Advantage Plan as a superior incentive than conventional Medicare. Then you would add one of the plans that can be found at  https://www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/

Normally, after you join with social security benefits, you will be enrolled in Medicare Part A instantly. This plan will pay 80% of your costs in the event that you must be admitted to the healing facility. It doesn’t cover routine visits to the specialist, demonstrative testing while you’re in the healing center or crisis room visits. These services are secured by Medicare Part B. As you might know, enrollment in Part B will be deliberate, and frequently costs around 120.00 every month in premiums. At last, it is a unique rider to Part B that incorporates physician endorsed drugs. Fundamentally, it will be a composite plan provided by a neighborhood carrier (instead of the legislature) that will give an indistinguishable coverage from Medicare Part A, B, and additionally D.

Any reasonable person would agree that numerous protection carriers furnish Medicare Part C plans together with other protection products. Before you enroll in these plans, you should guarantee that you grasp your duplicate and additionally deductible obligations. You ought to in like manner make a point to have however many things protected as could reasonably be expected. For instance, you ought to have the capacity to get a carrier that gives dental coverage and eye care. At any rate, this will give you a major preferred standpoint over conventional Medicare plans, and empower you to spare some cash on different services.

As senior subjects scan for arrangements so as to control healthcare costs, they’re progressively enrolling in Medicare Part C. While these carriers offer various favorable circumstances over conventional Medicare plans, they won’t not work for everybody. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are thinking about agreeing to accept Medicare Part C, you ought to in any event guarantee that you consider to different programs first.

Beware of Medicare Fraud!

Have you at any point been look for a bit of clothing in a dressing room and recognized a sign warning customers about the outcomes of stealing? Shoplifting is a genuinely prominent wrongdoing costing the two organizations and citizens progressively a lot of cash every year. The unavoidable results incorporate increments in the cost of merchandise, fines, lowliness and conceivable prison time for the wrongdoer. The outcomes are much the same for Medicare fraud, just on a bigger scale and with a substantially more noteworthy cost. Here, we will talk about the components of Medicare fraud and abuse, anticipation and the innate harm it causes.

To start, how about we characterize what Medicare fraud and abuse really involves. Fraud is a purposeful falsification or duplicity of data including Medicare. Abuse is the despicable utilization of Medicare administrations. For instance, if a medical specialist starts administrations not medically essential or causes Medicare costs that are outlandish that is abuse of the framework. A protestation about the care being gotten isn’t thought about abuse, be that as it may if the specialist or hospital bills Medicare for a methodology you didn’t get, at that point the specialist or hospital is blameworthy of fraud. Utilizing someone else’s Medicare data or card to get medical care or gear is fraud. If medical hardware was used in the home and later returned, however the individual keeps on billing Medicare for rental of the gear, that is fraud.

A rising strategy for Medicare fraud is through false medical insurance companies who offer their customers excessively sensible medication designs that are not endorsed by Medicare. Genuine Medicare affirmed medicate plans are accessible through trustworthy Medicare supplement firms and are upbeat to give verification of the arrangement’s authenticity. Another type of Medicare fraud is the utilization of false data to tempt customers to join a specific Medicare design. With so much data gliding around the media and the web about late Medicare transforms, it is at some point hard to see reality. Numerous legitimate Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 designs are accessible, notwithstanding if you require affirmation of their genuineness essentially contact Medicare by means of their website or 1-800-medicare.

There are a few things every individual can do to avoid Medicare fraud. In any case, never enable anybody to know your Medicare number aside from your specialist or Medicare supplier. Regard your Medicare number with as much security as you would with the PIN number for your own ledger. If a notorious individual gets a grip of your Medicare number it could prompt wholesale fraud. The same is valid with your medical records. Just specialists need to know your medical history and suggested administrations. Additionally, don’t set your specialist in a place where he/she should settle on a decision between Medicare abuse and losing a patient. For instance, don’t ask for pointless administrations or methodology from your medical professional. In like manner, don’t request that they put forth false expressions about your meds or gear to obtain cash from Medicare.

Medicare Supplementary Plans of Anthem Blue Cross

The Medicare Supplement plans of Anthem Blue Cross are quite cheap. Most of the 12 standard Medicare Supplement plans are offered by them and they are simple to handle when it comes to service. Many of my clients will ask, which company do you recommend? My answer is usually Anthem Blue Cross from California, because most of my clients prefer to call me if they have a question or problem. Well, the reason why I like Anthem Blue Cross from California is that their service, billing and claims departments are easy to reach, and I’m able to connect with them quickly.

Anthem is also in thirteen states. For some it may not matter, although in this case I like the fact that they are a national carrier. Enroll here: https://www.medicaresupplementplans2019.com

The Medicare Part D Rx plans which they offer are very competitive with many of the other national carriers. The prices are right and have an extensive list of Formulary drugs. Anthem Blue Cross is easy to use, applications can be faxed, and application processing is very fast.

For over 70 years, Blue Cross has been in existence. While much has changed in the short span of seven decades, two things have remained constant; their original business philosophy, putting customers first and their commitment to innovation and progress. They are a leader in the care of the elderly and continue to build on their tradition of developing innovative products that offer choice, quality and health security to Californian seniors. They offer more plans than ever before, including traditional Medicare supplement plans, a Medicare Advantage HMO and a new PPO plan called Freedom Blue. They also offer prescription drugs and dental plans and products that can help protect your financial future, such as Blue Cross of California’s Long Term Care Insurance and Life Benefits Final Expense Whole Life Insurance.

medicare supplement plans 2019

With the rising cost of health care these days, it’s more important than ever to have health insurance to fill in the gaps, deductibles, co-pay, and coinsurance that Medicare does not pay for. So, if you are looking for a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Part D Rx Plan, be sure to compare the Anthem Blue Cross of California Senior Products with your current plan. If you are new to Medicare and need assistance, contact an expert agent specializing in the senior market.

If you are someone who likes to pay 100%, then Plan F is the best choice. With this plan, you only pay the monthly premium of the policy. This means that all your medical expenses and hospital costs are covered by the plan, and you have no further expenses. You can also see the doctor of your choice as there is no network (but your doctor must accept Medicare). It gives you the freedom of choice and the full coverage you deserve.

In Ohio, you can go to the website of the insurance department and see current prices from all carriers who are based in Ohio. So go online and see if your state has a comparison table of all rates. In fact, they all have property and accident rate charts.

So, calm down and carefully handle the entire information overload you will get. Compare prices and go with the cheapest plan.


The 7 Benefits Of Purchasing A Medical Advantage Plan.


It is one of the most common expenses that we include in our monthly expenses is to pay the premium of medical insurances. Most commonly the premium which we pay is for the Original Medicare Insurance. Many of us are unaware the entire medical bill is uncovered by the Original Medicare Plan.

The Original Medicare Insurance is generally provided by the government bodies but there is another type of Medicare Plan known as Medical Advantage Plan which is provided by the private insurance agencies. The work of this insurance plan is to bridge the gap between the Medical Bill and the money sanctioned by the Original Medicare Plan.

What is a Medical Advantage Plan? Find out here  https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org

A Medical Advantage Plan is not a stand-alone insurance, and it requires an Original Medicare Plan in place to avail its benefits. Many people who confuse Medigap with Medical Advantage Plan. The work of the Medical Advantage Plan is to enhance the benefits of an Original Medicare Plan. The Medical Advantage Plan covers the expense of hearing and visual aids. It also covers the expense of private nursing service.


The Medical Advantage Plan does not cover the above-mentioned expenses. The advantage of owning a Medigap is it, not only funds the expense that an Original Insurance does not, but this plan can be used outside the national boundaries of the United States. It does not cover the expense of Type D prescribed drugs, but it does cover the expenses of availing the service of skilled nursing service.

Many private insurance agencies which sell Medical Advantage Plan. A person interested to buy this insurance plan can refer to several online websites which will help to choose the best plan for the particular person.

Grounds for disqualification:

Certain grounds which disqualifies a person from owning the Medigap. If a person has a pre-existing medical condition, he may be disqualified from buying this plan. Some states in the United States which do not permit people under 65 to purchase the Medigap Plan. A person must have a valid Original Medicare Plan before buying Medigap. A Medigap plan covers one person at a time. So, if a person wants to fund his spouse as well with him, he must purchase two separate Medigap Plan.

Premium Policy:

The premium policy is different for different agencies. It is a very routine practice to consider the age of the insurer to calculate the premium or cost of the insurance. But some agencies calculate the premium value irrespective of age or gender.