Archive March 22, 2020

How to apply for credit card: acceptance conditions, tariffs and reviews

Sustained financial competition market forces organizations to create ever-newer programs that respond most accurately to and strengthen consumer demands. It would sometimes seem that completely different organizations engaged in different types of activities are united for mutually beneficial cooperation. An example of such a successful association was the map. You can find it in the

Non-banking credit organizations

Opening financial reports, very often you can find news about the cancellation of the license. Regardless of reputation, ratings and financial merit, the Russian regulator mercilessly “head chops” left and right. It will also withdraw licenses not only from banks but also from some NGOs. In this case, we are talking about non-bank credit organizations.

Private and private lenders online secure.

  Private lenders and private lenders arise from the need to get fast money by people who do not obtain the approval of banks, or want to apply for low-amount loans, not offered by these entities. These loans are offered by other people or companies, being able to get the urgent money through the Internet